Corona Virus Is Emptying Hotels

The Corona Virus has started to make its way from its origin in China, across the rest of Asia and into Europe.

This serious virus has prompted quick action by some of the worlds governments, with flight restrictions, quarantines and isolation orders.

World economies are starting to feel the impact of the virus, with the airline industry taking a huge blow and the tourism industry is starting to slump.

The economic impact of Chinese tourists alone is causing great lows in spending in Europe and the rest of the world.

Paris is a popular destination for Chinese tourists, who come across to see the city and shop at the many designer outlets in Paris.

The Louis Vuitton store usually has a line in front of it in the morning that snakes all the way round the corner, and usually comprised of a lot of Asian tourists looking to bag some designer gear.

Nowadays, the line is barely a line at all, usually comprising of around 10 people, and this favourite destination of tourists is starting to worry.

The true economic impact of the virus may be too soon to quantify, however it is apparent everywhere.

Ever since Beijing banned overseas group travel on the 27th January, Chinese tourists are nowhere to be seen, whether it is in British department stores or the streets of Paris, everywhere is feeling the impact.

Italy has been one of the most affected countries outside of Asia in terms of the virus spreading.

Italy has always been a popular destination for Chinese tourists, thanks to its great shopping and designer stores.

Flights were actually set to increase between Italy and China last year, but now the opposite has happened, and all flights to and from China have been suspended.

With more and more countries following suit, Chinese tourists are starting to disappear from high streets all over the world.