Electric Pallet Stacker For Hotel Logistics

Aside from the problems posed by the recent outbreak of Corona, when running a hotel there is lots to think about in terms of logistics, and with constant comings and goings in terms of deliveries and linen to be washed, hotels need to plan their operations carefully in order to stay efficient and productive.  On any one day an average medium sized hotel like ours can receive anywhere from 5-10 deliveries, and may have up to 5 separate collections.  In order to oversee the smooth running of all these actions, appropriate systems must be in place to handle these activities.  Some specialist equipment may be required, like an electric pallet stacker for example, which can speed up deliveries as well as making the whole process safer and easier.

Electric Pallet Stacker

What is An Electric Pallet Stacker

An electric pallet stacker is a standard piece of equipment that can be readily found in warehouses, factories and other premises that handle heavy goods.  There are even being employed by some offices that have large deliveries that cannot be moved safely without one.  They are essentially a fork lift, but without the cab that you sit in to drive it.  Instead it is more like a pallet trolley.  It has two forks that sit on wheels and are controlled by a series of electric motors.  It can raise and lower goods and it can manoeuvre them around with the help of the units driven wheels.

Electric Pallet Stacker

Different Specifications

Pallet stackers come in a range of specifications to suit the need of the application.  You can buy small compact models that can life goods of up to 1000kg or around one ton, and these models can lift goods up to around 1.5 meters.  Pallet stackers which can lift a much greater load of up to around 1600kg also exist, with varying height specifications. The highest specification pallet stackers can lift loads to a max height of 5 meters.


Why do Hotels Need Them?

Since the average hotel will never receive a delivery that totals over a ton and half, pallet stackers are ideally suited for the hotel industry.  The stackers are also much more compact when compared to forklifts and other pieces of equipment for moving heavy goods.  They are able to manouver into places that other equipment cannot reach, and they can handle heavy loads and lift up to decent height, even if you have one of the basic models.

Electric Pallet Stacker

Battery Powered

The stackers are easy to charge when the battery runs out, since they plug into the mains and take a supply of 240v at 13 amps.  There is no need to worry if they run out during use, as they will always keep a little bit of back up charge so that they can be parked up at an electrical outlet for charging.  They also require no special certification or license, like a fork lift does, so they can be easily used by anyone after a brief introduction to the controls.  If you are struggling with your logistical activities, consider getting the right tools to do the job properly.