Bespoke Design Trends in 2020

When it comes to designing customer-facing areas, you want a design that is unique and individual to your particular business and branding.  The design of a shop or hotel should encompass the brand that stands behind it, and it should be used as an opportunity to tell the customers what you are all about.

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to understand that the whole customer experience, from start to finish, is very important and will affect how customers interact with you as a vendor.

If you can get the customer shopping experience right, then your sales will be positively affected as both new customers and return customers are made to feel at ease throughout the buying experience.

There are lots of new bespoke shop outfitting companies popping up all over the place that specialises in creating spaces for their clients that embody the brand and message behind the company.

However if you can’t afford a complete new custom shop outfit, there are a few ways that you can create a welcoming space on a budget with a bit of DIY work.

Here are our top bespoke design trends for 2020:

Paint an Accent Wall

This trend can be seen on various social media platforms, and it involves painting one wall a bold colour, often in contrast to the rest of the colour scheme in the space.

Vertical Elements

Try to display items on different levels within your store, or if you are in a hotel like us, you can hand items from the ceiling like drapes, lights, decorations and more.

Avoid Cluttering

Of course, you want a space that reflects you, but you don’t want to throw too many elements together so that it looks cluttered.


Lighting is important, so try to light up every corner of your space in a way that is open and inviting to people.