We Had To Sell A House Fast

This is a special guest article written by two guests that stayed in our hotel last year. They found themselves facing a very tough decision: they had to sell their home so that they could afford to send their daughter to medical school. The news that their daughter had gotten into medical school came as great delight, and they could not have been happier that their daughter would be following in their footsteps.  They knew however that when she came out of medical school with her degree, she would be shackled with debt that would take her a lifetime to pay off.  This is their story of how they had to sell a house fast.

sell a house fast

Sell A House Fast To Get Into Med School?

We knew that it wasn’t exactly the conventional way of getting a child through college, but after some lengthy conversations and much deliberation, we decided that it is what we wanted to do. We had both seen first hand the effects that the crumbling debt that students acquire during education can have on them.  Stress, anxiety and uncertainty were all things we would rather our only daughter went without.  So, we went for it, and the neighbours would never quite believe it. We had to sell our house fast for cash and we were not even that worried about it.  It was only, after all, bricks and mortar.

sell a house fast

What Happened Next?

The most frequent question we were asked during this process was, ‘but what will you do now?’ as if we were deranged for going against the norm and selling our house.  This was pretty much the first thing our daughter said when we told her about our decision, and we responded by saying that we would be absolutely fine, and that her future was much more important than ours.  Besides, we already had a sneaky plan in place, and we had planned on revealing it as we went, so as not to worry our friends and family.


The Gap Year(s)

You see the thing was that neither of us had really had any time to just wander and explore, and America is such a big country that we thought we really should see our homeland before we die.  So you see there was a second motive for the whole sell the house move, and it was a motive that we were itching to make into a reality.  We had decided that once the house was sold, we would be able to not only pay our daughter through education so that she came out the other side debt free, we would also be able to invest some of it for a few years while we toured around America in true hippy fashion.  Then when we got bored of the open road, we would settle down in a smaller place using the money that we had put away for ourselves.  That was the plan, and 3 years later we are still on the road with no immediate plans to settle down as of yet.