Renovating an Old Building Without Breaking the Bank

Many of our guests know the story of our refurbishment, but for those who don’t, let us give you a little background.

We undertook an extensive development and renovation of the existing building, with the old brick building forming the main side of the hotel.

There were considerable plans to develop the reception and lounge area of the hotel, and this took a great deal of time and money to make happen.

We were lucky, in that overall the building was in good shape, with no major structural problems or issues with shifting foundations or brick work.

There were some initial concerns over the suitability of the old brick work building to be extended with the new customer facing side of the hotel.

Architects were worried that connecting the glass structure at the top of our entrance hall to the existing brick work might pose an issue.

However, after just over a year all of the major renovation work was completed and we managed to stay within our initial budget’s limits.

This is a rare thing when developing any sort of building for commercial purposes, and if truth be told we had a contingency plan in place in case there was any unexpected problems.

We wanted to give a few of our top tips for home owners and developers who are looking to undertake something similar.

While this list may not be fully complete, and we may not have complete authority on this matter, we feel we have some great real work advice that could be useful to aspiring home developers.

For the complete technical breakdown of what you will come across and challenges you might have to face, check out this article.

We would like to close by saying that this process is a journey and you have to remember to stay focused on the outcome and not get caught up in the details.