Air B&B vs Hotels: Our Take

Many hotel owners and managers absolutely despise Air B&Bs.

They have arrived very quickly onto the hotels and tourism industry, and lets anyone with a spare room or barn conversion let out their accommodation with minimal overheads.

Truth be told, it is a lucrative industry, with over 150 million users, and millions of dollars revenue going into the hands of home owners every year.

6 people check into an Air B&B every second, and the uptake of users appears to growing every year.

The company itself enjoys a healthy profit, taking a small commission on every booking it takes.

In 2020, Air B&Bs profit totals 8.5 billion dollars, which is a very impress amount for a company that owns no properties itself.

To be perfectly honest, we really admire Air B&B’s success.

And we want to put out 2 cents out there to hotel owners that say only bad things about their service.

I mean sure, there can be issues with stag dos and hen parties descending on peaceful apartment blocks and cause chaos, and yes sometime residents rightfully feel that their communities are suffering because of the Air B&B network.

But the truth is we only really hear about the bad cases, what about all the millions of success stories out there?

We have also noticed a great deal of people that are travelling around will check into an Air B&B for an authentic city break or country feel.

Some of these guests even stay in hotels when they are traveling, so they are not exactly taking away from the hotel trade all of the time.

Consumers who like service and comfort will always choose a hotel everytime, but sometimes those same consumers want to have a different experience every now and then, and that’s ok.